Establish a New Company

Establish a new company – Private or Public Limited Company

For non-residents (especially in cases where corporate bodies are involved in the ownership structure), establishment of an Estonian company can be a bit more complicated, but fortunately, we are here to help you. Establishing a new company from scratch may carry a benefit for clients who wish to be labelled as a ‘founder’ from the very beginning.

The minimum share capital for Private Limited Companies is EUR 2,500. The minimum share capital for Public Limited Companies is EUR 25,000. Authorised share capital must be fully paid, in advance, before an application for registration can be filed with the registrar (NB. this is subject to certain exceptions). Share capital can be paid up in the form of money, or contributions in kind.

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* Being an Estonian e-Resident gives you certain advantages in the registration and administration of your Estonian company, for more information check: